To see yourself more clearly.

Recognize the habits of posture, movement & thinking that interfere with your well-being.

To give you the experience of moving without your habits.

To provide you with the experience of ease, freedom & well-being.

To inhibit automatic reactions to stimuli.

To redirect yourself for improved use and well-being.

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For almost four decades, the Alexander Technique has enduringly provided a rich world of exploration, conscious growth and a profound means to adapt to life's inevitable challenges. The Technique is a unique practice, enabling one to be more present, learning how to observe and inhibit limiting habitual patterns of movement and thinking. It safely makes conscious who we are underneath our cloak of conditioned habits. The Alexander Technique creates an unmasking process, a process of discovery as we move toward our potential, our fullest, healthiest selves. This process is a continuously reinforced foundation that supports all aspects of life: personal, professional, physical, emotional, conscious and unconscious. If you truly wish to find more grace and ease in movement and living,accomplished through more conscious choices and are open to a new kind of learning — and the change such learning may require – then let me be your guide.

~Sydney Laurel Harris