March 14th, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

#108, 1526 14th St., Santa Monica, CA

1:5 teacher/student ratio. Limited to 10 Participants

$130/person RSVP or

FREE TALK: MARCH 6, 6:30 PM -7:30 PM

#108, 1526 14th St., Santa Monica, CA

  • Do you sometimes feel like some of your clients are disconnected from their bodies, making it harder to reach them?
  • Do you see your clients’ suffering reflected in their bodies, but don’t know what to do with it?
  • Do you have a hard time not absorbing your clients suffering into your body?
  • Do you sometimes notice, even to distraction, being physically uncomfortable during sessions?
  • How conscious of your own body are you during therapy sessions?

As a resource for you: The Alexander Technique enables you to remain somatically poised and balanced more of the time.   It will help you to find a natural ease in all your activities.  It will help you to consciously create boundaries that do not cut you off from your own body or from your clients.

A resource for your clients: Students of the Alexander Technique often experience their emotions more fully and sometimes even for the first time.  Combined with psychotherapy, deeper insight into these experiences is supported/enabled. 

About the Workshop Leaders: Sarah Silva and Sydney Laurel Harris

Sarah and Sydney are not psychotherapists and do not practice psychotherapy.  This workshop isn’t going to teach you how to do your work?  Nor is it going to train you to do the AT with your clients.

This workshop is introducing you to a method of self-care to assist/complement your skills as you do your work.  It also may introduce you to a useful adjunct for your clients, i.e., to enhance the work you are doing with them.

Both Sydney and Sarah are certified AT teachers who have experienced living with a close family member that experienced/experiences extreme psychological states.  They have been learning firsthand the way in which using the AT has enabled them to not only personally cope with these experiences, but stay present, connected and responsive in healthy ways – for themselves and their family members.